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A Synopsis of Programmes

‘Just Think': A Continuous Improvement workshop designed to provide a totally new dimension to existing patterns & models. ‘Just Think' can set in motion a series of thoughts which can make you think differently about your strategies and structures. The thinking will help you to reengineer and redesign products and processes. It will reduce cost & enhance efficiency - add value & eliminate waste. ‘Just Think' is bound to energise and excite your people and create the paradigm shift that you will never regret. The entire workshop consists of 100 + Real Life Examples from world class operations and contains absolutely no theory. Over 1200 CEOs, Managers & Executives from 200 + companies attended this programme in 2005 /2007.
Think Efficiency- Think Cost:This is an ‘example-based' Workshop to facilitate a creative and innovative approach to Cost Reduction, Productivity Development and Continuous Improvement, Process Re-engineering and Product Re-design. This two-day workshop includes hundreds of examples illustrating successful applications of Value Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Elimination of Non-Value Adding Operations and Waste , Reduction of Direct and Indirect Costs, Reduction of Turnaround Times, Down-time, Queuing and Waiting Time; Reduction of Handling and Routine Practices , Root Cause Correction; Saving ‘Value-Added' Materials , Standardisation, Specialization, Simplification; Time & Motion Economies, Focus on Basics in enhancing Productivity & Quality, Materials and Processes Engineering, Use of Performance Standards, Relevance of Poke-Yoke Systems, Capacity Management Strategies, Dealing with Management Failures and Elimination of sub-performers.

The Voyage of Discovery - Paradigm Shifting:This programme is entirely based on a series of delightful parables which offer unique insights into innovative thinking and learning. The Voyage of Discovery will traverse the minds of participants to move them away from being ‘tunnel visioned and reactive' to perceive issues differently with an ‘out-of-the box' creative and innovative approach to problem perception and resolution. Discover (a) Problems and opportunities from a fresh perspective (b) Generate new and innovative ideas and solutions (c) Explore within and outside of paradigms.

Spirit of Intrapreneurship.An Intrapreneur is the person who focuses on innovation and creativity and who transforms a dream or an idea into a profitable venture, by operating within the organizational environment. Thus, ‘Intrapreneurs' are ‘inside entrepreneurs' who follow their founder's example (Wikipedia). A programme dedicated to explore and capitalize on the entrepreneurial potential of individuals to facilitate transformation of ‘breakthrough thinking' into productive propositions. The workshop focuses on creating entrepreneurship in managers to take challenges and risks in order to transform bureaucracies into dynamic organisations.
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