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A Synopsis of Programmes

Cost Reduction & Waste Elimination : This workshop will focus attention on cost reduction as a ‘strategy for productivity improvement'. Programme includes many initiatives and ‘easy to implement action plans' for eliminating non-value adding costs, reducing overhead costs and enhancing managerial effectiveness and efficiency. The contents revolve around Drivers of Cost, Management of Costs, Cost Cutting, Cost Control & Cost Reduction, Tools & Techniques for Cost Reduction, Life Cycle Management of Costs, Value Analysis and Management Failure Cost.

The 5Ps of Quality: A Strategy for Sustainable Quality: A practical approach to develop company wide involvement for continuous improvement of quality by integrating Quality, CI and Workplace Cooperation. The 5Ps involve: (1) Quality of People (2) Quality of Processes (3) Quality of Plant (4) Quality of Premises (5) Quality of Product. The 5Ps Strategy provides an integration of all elements in the organisation, thus providing a true total approach to quality management. The workshop contains many simple projects that can be initiated to facilitate company-wide involvement. It is a blend of kaizen, 5S, TPM, lean and value management principles thoughtfully presented in a simple format.

Performance Measures : Performance measures are necessary to create a ‘Culture of Accountability' and to facilitate a ‘Measurement Driven Organization'. Discover the measures that matter for success or failure at the level of an individual, for an activity or a process; and for the organization as a whole. Programme focuses on the Role of Performance Measures, Critical Success - Failure - Limiting Factors, Key Result Areas (KRAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Measures of Effectiveness & Efficiency and a step-by-step methodology for introduction of a System of Performance Measurement.

Conscience at Work : Employees at all levels must work with a conscience and responsibility with the interests of the organization as the foremost priority. This programme intends to plug millions lost through acts of negligence and inattention. Programme Objectives include (1) To illustrate the importance of attention to detail and how little omissions can create grave consequences to the overall outcome (2) To reiterate the need for a system of accounting for cost of failures arising from managerial omissions and lapses (3) To distinguish accountability and responsibility and to establish practices for directly relating accountability and responsibility for failures with the relevant individuals (4) To inculcate the values of conscience, commitment and ownership for ones actions.
The Challenge Ahead: Extinct or Distinct : This is an eye opener to enlighten our management on future scenarios in order to focus on the critical need to be proactive instead of being inactive or reactive. The programme extensively deals on issues involving impact of liberalisation, globalisation, technology and our response to the changing trends. It provides a vivid exposure to the poor competitiveness of our industries and offers insights from East Asian economies on how they have developed counter strategies. Workshop includes several mini case studies of companies that have successfully innovated to get out of downturns and depressions in recent times.
Lessons to Learn from Lean : is workshop that provides detailed insights into what lean manufacturing is all about ‘plus' how lean concepts can be advantageously adopted in non-lean situations. This workshop is capable of creating an impact on reducing non-value adding tasks, identifying and eliminating waste, reducing costs, defects, down-time and stocks, enhancing turnaround times and empowering and integrating staff at all levels. Participants can also benefit from lean tools such as value stream mapping and visual management systems. Early adaptation of these concepts and practices will certainly pave the way for any organization to embark on a journey towards lean manufacturing.
Kaizen: Continuous Improvement for Competitive Success: < This workshop sets a roadmap to launch a systematic collaborative approach to Continuous Improvement through a process of cross-functional cross-hierarchical problem solving and process management. Whilst Creating the Kaizen Culture and ‘mind-set' is a priority, implementation of kaizen evolves through creativity, innovation, positive thinking and self-esteem. Programme focuses on (a) The concept, applications and practices related to Kaizen (b) Harnessing the strength of the Individual (c) Creating a Culture of Creativity, Continuous Improvement & Innovation (d) Kaizen success stories.
Productivity Development: Tools & Techniques. This is an instructional workshop on enhancing productivity and discusses at length the associated tools and techniques to enhance efficiency and quality whilst reducing turnaround times, cost and waste. Programme is based on many practical examples and illustrates the practices in both the East & West. This programme can complement any development initiative involving lean, six sigma, continuous improvement, small group activity or TPM or TQM.
Competitive advantage through Activity Based Costing : Traditional Cost Accounting can seriously cause errors in product costing and pricing decisions. ABC with its accurate methodology of tracing actual costs will prevent ‘Under Costing' and ‘Over Costing'. ABC is an effective platform for cost reduction and a strategic tool for management of costs. The programme focuses on applications and benefits of ABC, a step by step approach to introduction & implementation of ABC and worked examples & case studies.
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