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A Synopsis of Programmes

Passion for Customer Service : The primary objective of this ‘unusual' customer-care workshop is to instil great humane qualities in ‘front-line customer contact staff' to deliver genuine service with compassion, empathy and courtesy instead of ‘pre-programmed indifferent' cold attitudes. If you share our belief that the prerequisite for outstanding and sustainable customer care is its genuineness, sincerity and honesty and further believe in inculcating these qualities in your staff, perhaps this is the right training programme. This workshop is a fusion of humanity and marketing based on the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Stephen Covey and alike.

Delightful Customer Service: A workshop to facilitate a culture of service and care that will consistently provide customers with delightful service experiences. Programme focuses on (a) Prerequisites for superior customer service (b) Reinforcement of positive service experiences and their drivers (c) Eradication of negative service encounters and their causes (d) Service failures and recovery training (e) Strategies to turn service failures into service opportunities (f) World-class service examples and standards. Programme is filled with over 100 ‘moments of truth' involving unbelievable service encounters.

Service Recovery .A programme aimed at equipping participants with the ‘skill of managing situations of service failure to facilitate effective recovery in order to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and customer retention'. Programme is focused on (a) Understanding facets of customer service and service attitudes (b) Possibilities of service failure (c) Strategies to turn service failures into service opportunities (d) Cost of losing customers and the profit of keeping customers for life!

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