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A Synopsis of Programmes

Think Performance ~ Think Attitudes:A Thinking Workshop on Performance and Attitudinal Development to facilitate Managerial, Executive and Supervisory staff to ‘ unleash the potential in their employees' by practicing simple yet innovative and creative interventions to boost morale, motivation and teamwork. The participants will be exposed to hundreds of innovative and exciting ideas that have been practiced in different industries and in different countries to inspire employee performance and commitment.

Success is not Optional ~ Excellence by Choice: A programme intended to serve two goals: unveil the hidden potential of the individual and make the best for corporate performance. This is an excellent programme for personal development and inspiration of younger employees. Programme focuses on understanding personality strengths, development of self esteem, positive attitudes, drivers of intrinsic motivation and the relevance of individual success to the success of the enterprise and society. This totally interactive workshop can set the pace for any long term organisational development initiative.

Coaching for Performance: The role of the ‘Leader as Coach' in the development of individual potential and performance is the focus of this programme. This is an instructional workshop on developing coaching skills with comprehensive details on (a) Coaching strategies (2) Assessment of individual development needs, and (3) Prioritising and aligning development objectives. This interactive programme with plenty of experiential learning, video films and role plays will enable total new comers to embark on coaching with confidence and competence.

Empowerment : A programme to facilitate a culture of empowerment at all levels in order to create flexibility, agility and adaptability in the minds of individuals. Empowerment paves the way for delegation as well as creating responsibility and accountability. Programme focuses on the process, practices and success stories and how empowerment could infuse individual dynamism and enthusiasm to inspire creativity and innovation to stretch beyond the norms.
Psychometric Assessment Workshop using The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) The MBTI provides a simple way of identifying and understanding how people differ and how they are alike. It assesses people in terms of their preferences on 4 scales of personality, the combinations of which result in 16 different psychological types. The MBTI instrument is designed to help individuals understand their unique personality type and the way they relate to others.  Every year over two million people used their MBTI results to gain understanding about themselves and the people in their lives. The MBTI will provide critical insights into understanding individual personality differences which will help managers in developing the most appropriate styles of leadership leading harmonious and effective teamwork, communication and relationships.
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