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A Synopsis of Programmes

Reengineering Leadership: This is a modern leadership development programme based on the thinking of Daniel Goleman and Emotional Intelligence. The focus is on six styles of leadership and their applications and implications on organisations. The programme revolves around (a) Excelling in the mastery self and others in making relationships (b) Creating a transformational influence in managing people (c) Building Emotionally Intelligent organisations.

Working together Works is a teamwork development workshop with interactive training at its best. Plenty of learning and lots of fun to make a day packed with purpose and play! Its all about making people work together, to achieve a common goal, with sharing and caring, organized roles and responsibilities, cooperation and collaboration, interdependence and effective leadership. Participants will experience the process of goal setting, planning & prioritizing, problem-solving & risk management, group dynamics & absolute teamwork.

Strategic Planning: This workshop is intended to introduce concepts of Strategic Planning in a simple but yet comprehensive and a practical format. It will enable the participants to appreciate the need and relevance of strategic planning and make them think with a strategic outlook. The workshop includes insights into the Strategic Planning Process, Strategic Framework and Focus, Core Competencies, The SWOT , Determination of Strategy and Critical Success / Failure and Limiting Factors., Developing SWOT Action Plans and Contingency Planning, Evaluation of Risks and Sensitivity and Translation of Strategic Plans into Operational Plans.

Balanced Scorecard is an effective tool to translate strategy into action with specific determination of objectives, measures, targets and initiatives. It provides a practical framework for management of any enterprise with a balanced focus on Financials, Customers, Processes and People. The thinking clearly facilitates managers to distinguish performance drivers from the outcomes or results. This workshop serves as an ideal introduction to this widely used management tool and demystifies any misconceptions in order to establish the readiness of an organisation to launch Balanced Scorecard. It provides an extensive list of Performance Measures categorized into the four perspectives together with examples of strategy maps and scorecards.
Finance for Non-Finance Staff: This totally interactive workshop will provide a financial awareness and an understanding to enable the participants to use and interpret financial information and relate such information to their functions and performance. It will focus on (a) Financial implications on day-to-day decisions (b) Difference between cash and profit (c) Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Cash Flow statements (d) Type of costs and their implications, (e) Ratio analysis and their relevance to management (f) Financial jargon and Annual Reports, and (g) Budgets and the process of budgeting.
Passion for People is an unusual development programme which attempts to remind managers, executives and supervisors that they deal with people who have emotions and beliefs and who react and respond differently to the way they are treated. The primary objective is to instil great humane qualities in ‘front-line staff' in order to make them treat subordinates with understanding, compassion and empathy. In today's context every individual demands ‘dignity & self esteem' and believes in the concept of ‘work to live instead of live to work'. Employees are educated, have the freedom of mobility and values higher level needs. In these circumstances, if management is outmoded, old fashioned and fails to recognise people; inefficiency, resistance and anarchy will be inevitable. This programme is based on developing humanity, relationships, conscience and morality and strongly drives these messages in an unforgettable manner. It is a fusion of humanity and management based on the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Stephen Covey and alike.
Energizing Performance is a motivational programme aimed at guiding managerial and supervisory staff on developing a practical approach to achievement of the best potential in their teams. The workshop provides many illustrations on creating an advantageous work environment by providing opportunities for involvement and engagement of staff at all levels. Workshop deals with multiple interventions resulting in creating opportunities for appreciation, recognition and empowerment leading to achievement motivation and inspiration of staff. Energized employees create a positive impact on customer satisfaction, quality and productivity whilst being enthusiastic about continuous improvement and change.
Planning, Prioritising, Time Management & Delegation: An activity based workshop focused on the importance of recognising priorities and disciplining self to commit on ‘realising the future instead of indulgence in routine reactive insignificant trivia'. Whilst clearly surfacing the difference between ‘effectiveness and efficiency', the workshop helps to (1) distinguish Active Positive tasks from Reactive Tasks (2) recognise Important Tasks from Urgent Tasks (3) Get rid of time wasters and cultivate time consciousness (4) develop the skills of delegation and self organisation. This programme could be adapted to suit all levels.
Decision Taking & Problem Solving: Participants will learn to perceive Decision Making & Problem Solving (DM & PS) as organizational practices which can be approached in a systematic and methodical manner to facilitate most effective and efficient conclusions. Workshop includes (a) Processes, stages and models associated with DM & PS (b) Tools and Techniques of DM & PS (c) Application of ‘Six Thinking Hats' concept to DM & PS. (d) Risk Analysis and Uncertainty Absorption in Decision Making.
Interviewer Skills: The skill of interviewing is a must for all but taken for granted by many. This programme will equip managers with an effective process for screening and appraising candidates at recruitment and performance review sessions. The focus is on (1) the process of interviewing (2) the priorities in terms of what to look for and areas to be covered (3) conditions (4) dialogue (5) observational techniques, and (6) Do's and Don'ts for the Interviewer and the Interviewee.
How to Measure Training Results : A programme focused on evaluating the benefits of training in terms of learning, application of learning, its impact on performance and the bottom line. It provides a framework for assessing, evaluating & improving training programmes in addition to facilitating compliance with ISO 9000:2000 requirements. Discover (a) the influence of training on an individual (b) the extent of learning acquired (c) application of learning on the job (d) impact of training on performance and (e) the final impact of training on the bottom line.
Supervisory Skills Development: We offer a series of Supervisory Development workshops covering Roles and Responsibilities of the Supervisor, Leadership, Motivation, Communication, Relationships and Teamwork Development.
Worker Development Programmes are aimed at enhancing the enthusiasm and inspiration of workers to facilitate development of Attitudes, Motivation, Commitment and Teamwork. These totally interactive workshops could accommodate over one hundred participants in a session and generate a lot of excitement and energy.
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